REGENERADEMOXIE for men has infused the complete product line* with an anti-aging "cocktail." In addition to the premium grade ingredients used in our skin care line, there is a trademarked complex that has been added to deliver high performance results.

We work with a team of skin care experts and chemists to create a complex of rare extracts, REGENERADE™, that delivers positive results for a man's skin. These powerful ingredients when combined together, provide the following targeted benefits:

*All products except Easy Glider

Skin Renewal: This extract contains mechanisms which assist in directly promoting skin renewal on a cellular level. Higher skin cell turnover translates to younger, healthier looking appearance.

Free Radical Defense: This element was developed by physicists and organic chemists to locate and block damaging free radicals in your body. They assist in preventing skin damage and illness. Free Radicals bad, REGENERADE™ good.

Environmental Shield: The job of this plant extract is to activate a defense mechanism which assists in dealing with stress-related environmental forces like bacteria and UV exposure. This particular derivative has been enriched to prevent UV caused cancerous and non-cancerous skin tumors.

Skin Nutrition: Because this seed grows up protected by a thick outside cover, everything it needs to grow and develop has to come from inside the fruit. Amino acids, sugars, vitamins, growth factors (like kinetin) are in that liquid. The extract of this seed promotes healthy cell growth and circulation. It also provides natural conditioning, suppleness and glow to the skin.

MOXIE for men is the only product line available with the REGENERADE™ complex.